Diversity & Culture Group Logo Branding Design

My creative contribution to not-for-profit organisation Diversity + Culture Group

Inspired by personal experiences, the Black Lives Matter movement and the growing division the world experienced in 2020, the Diversity + Culture Group was formed with community, collaboration and inclusion at its heart.

This group of local professionals approached me for branding advice and after hearing about their plans and mission for the group – I made the decision to give my creative time free of charge.

Diversity + Culture Group


Social Media

Identity design

I started by designing the symbol which is featured in all of the groups logos – the shape was created using the ‘C’, the ‘+’ and the ‘D’ letters of Diversity + Culture. Which I then adapted for each location group; Hitchin, Letchworth & Baldock. By choosing to pair this with an easy to read font and a palette of bright colours; the branding really does shout ‘diversity’.

Diversity + Culture Group symbol logo design
Diversity & Culture Group Letchworth branding identity
Diversity & Culture Group Hitchin logo branding design
Diversity & Culture Group Baldock design logo

Event friendly website

Once the suite of logos and branding was established I set about exploring how the overarching group website would function, feel and respond. In collaboration with WordPress expert iam39 we’ve built a responsive website complete with event links, Instagram hashtag feed and much more!

Black History Month

As part of a second project the Diversity + Culture Group needed a logo for Black History Month which I designed using a similar feel with bright colours and bold type.

Black History month 2020 north herts

What the client thinks

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