SM Supplies Logo Monogram Design

The nuts and bolts of start-up business SM Supplies

This B2B fixings and fastenings company came to me for stand out looking brand to set them apart from competitors.

Striving for a modern, professional and established look they were keen for their branding to move away from the classic blue and yellow so often used within their industry.

SM Supplies


Sales Literature

sm supplies startup brand icons design illustrations


I firstly created a monogram logo using the letters ‘SM’ in a way which gave a nod to the businesses core products – starting with a bold font I adapted the lettering to incorporate the shapes of a screw and a spanner. This mixed with a fresh colour palette and modern styling really gives this brand its unique feel.

sm supplies monogram logo branding creative


Working in partnership with web developer iam39 we’ve created and built an interim website containing basic product information. As SM Supplies continues to grow their company we will be developing a full e-commerce website – due to launch early 2021.

What the client thinks

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