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Creating a compelling online presence for football manager lookalike ‘Cheeky Jurgen’

The man himself embodies the physicality, mannerisms and character of the ‘Real Jurgen’ perfectly and is definitely the closest you may ever get to meeting Klopp.

I created a brand which gave a big nod to Liverpool FC – using a similar colour palette and typography for an instantly recognisable look.

Ray & Patsy


Social Media

Cheeky Jurgen business card layout design branding liverpool lookalike football manager

Working across multiple platforms

Cheeky Jurgen’s use of multiple platforms called for Instagram icons, YouTube banners and social graphics. This is where the branding and styling I developed really comes into play – ensuring nothing is offside!

cheeky jurgen branding online instagram social

The ‘Cheeky Jurgen’ Website

Wordpress expert iam39 collaborated with us to create a scrolling one page website – complete with YouTube & Instagram feeds, sounds clips and more!

cheeky jurgen watch follow youtube social header

What the client thinks

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