SMART Event Services

Building and rolling out a new brand online and in print.

SMART Event Services provides affordable solutions for user Wi-Fi engagement, reporting, and control. They came to me for help with their branding, website and sales brochures.

They wanted their brand identity to give off a festival vibe, but also be corporate enough in feel to appeal to their customers. I created a logo to work alongside the existing look of their sister company, ROCK Managed Systems, and then applied the new styling to their print and digital media.


2018 – 2020



Together with Dan at iam39 we created a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website. The hero imagery was selected from Unsplash to appeal to the venues who make up the company’s target market, and we made sure the product information was super-easy to find and follow.

Sales brochure design

I also designed a sales brochure for the company to use in meetings with potential and new clients. As well as rolling out the new brand across the brochure, I also created bespoke isometric illustrations to explain their Wi-Fi Services in a fresh, visual way.

What the client thinks

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