Tinware Direct

Designing brand new product brochures for a wholesale supplier of bespoke tins and other packaging.

Tinware Direct specialises in high-quality stock and bespoke tins and other packaging for food, creams, balms and powders. I worked with them and their sister company, Millbarn Packaging, to create a new suite of product brochures, including later updates and translations into other languages.

Tinware Direct

2018 – Present

Product Brochures

Brochure design

The first brochure I designed on this project was for Tinware Direct. It needed a flip brochure layout with two covers, one for stock tins and the other for bespoke packaging. I designed the brochure and paginated the pages to work as a flipbook.

Infographics, icons and adverts

As well as taking care of the overall design and pagination for the brochure, I also created bespoke infographics, icons and adverts to really bring the brand and the packaging it offers to life.

tinware direct brochure layout design centre spread

What the client thinks

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