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Bringing to life a customer’s vision for her ethically-minded consultancy brand.

Soulwork is a mentoring, training and consultancy service for ethical and values-based organisations. Its founder, Sophie, has over 20 years’ experience in combining business consulting with spiritual and mindfulness disciplines.

Sophie encourages us to work with purpose in order to find purpose and establish a ‘conscious workplace’.



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Brand identity

This project needed to be so much more than a logo, and Sophie already had a strong idea of what she wanted for the brand. I helped her bring that vision to life with natural, flowing illustrations in a palette of cool blues hues and gorgeous peachy gold. Everything was carefully considered and unique to Sophie’s method of working.

Having created the new logo, colour suite and typography, as well as imagery, patterns, textures and symbols, we brought everything together into a handy set of brand guidelines to make sure nothing was missed.

Social media graphics

In an example of the way we applied Sophie’s new brand identity, we brought all the elements together to create these beautiful typographical quotes for her to post on Instagram.

soulwork live your why social media design graphic quote

What the client thinks

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